Professional Scrum Master Certification

Get trained to be a scrum master and understand scrum principles.

Price: N150,000

Duration: 72 Hours

About The Course

Here is all you need to know about the course.

Scrum is a lightweight framework that employs experimentation, continuous learning and adaptive solutions to solving complex problems. What is a complex problem? A complex problem is a problem that has too many unknown unknowns. Problems that preexisting models, templates or formulas cannot solve. You need a different method to solve problems like this. Due to the fast pace of changes happening across all spheres of human endeavor, it is critical to note that yesterday’s solution might only be suited for yesterday and might now have evolved into today’s problem. This is why you need SCRUM. Scrum is also an Agile framework used to deliver software projects. The software industry is a highly complex one where no two solutions are the same. As a matter of fact, SCRUM was put together by two -and other- brilliant leading software developers. So yes this is a framework with a bias for managing software projects.

Who should take this course?

Aspiring Scrum Masters

Individuals who aspire to become Scrum Masters and want to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively fulfill the role.

Team Members

Team members who want to understand the Scrum framework better, as the Scrum Master often plays a crucial role in facilitating Scrum events and helping the team adhere to Scrum principles.

Product Owners

Product Owners may also benefit from a Scrum Master certification to enhance their collaboration with Scrum Masters in facilitating the Scrum process.

Managers and Leaders

Managers and leaders responsible for guiding and supporting Scrum teams can also benefit from PSM certification to understand how to best support and nurture an environment conducive to Scrum practices.

Current Scrum

Individuals who are currently serving as Scrum Masters and want to deepen their understanding of Scrum principles and practices.


Interest in continuous learning

The world of agile and Scrum evolves, so a willingness to stay informed and continuously improve your understanding is important for success in the PSM certification training.

Basic English Understanding

Most of the training would be in English so you need a good understanding of the English language to follow along

Grasp on management

You have to have a good skill in managing people and understanding people to be able to handle scrum.